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Litigation unmasking the junk science behind many regulations and rules, Freedom of Information Act requests exposing agency misdeeds, and quality research documenting the high cost of environmental policies that do little to benefit the public can’t make a difference if the media doesn’t cover it, and the public isn’t aware of it. E&E Legal is focused not just on winning the battle against radical environmentalists, but in keeping the public informed.

E&E Legal’s communications and public relations efforts are led by its Executive Director, Craig Richardson, a Washington professional with more than twenty-five years of experience.

Areas of Focus

E&E Legal experts Chris Horner, David Schnare, and Tom Tanton are regularly on television and radio, cited in blog articles and op-eds, published in both print and online media, and communicated to the public through social media like Twitter and Facebook. Some of the major media hits include three appearances on the Drudge Report, multiple television appearances on FOX News, several articles in the New York Times, Washington Post, USA Today, The Guardian (London), The Australian, Toronto Sun, Washington Times, and numerous local newspapers as well.

E&E Legal also publishes a quarterly newsletter, E&E Legal Letters.  The piece provides informative and timely information on the group and it’s accomplishments, as well as providing insightful legal commentary on aspects of the law pertaining to the areas encountered by the organization.

In addition, E&E Legal’s stable of legal, energy, and environmental experts regularly publish blogs, and op-eds, which garner the group significant exposure and credibility.  These are republished on our site, and pushed through our expansive social media channels.

Finally, in the summer of 2013, E&E Legal’s Board Member and Senior Fellow, Greg Walcher, released, Smoking Them Out: The Theft Of The Environment And How To Take It Back.  The book is an Olympic-level reality check to out-of-control environmental policies that are destroying the economy, costing jobs, and doing little to help the environment.  He explains in clear terms how leaders can recapture the high ground from the command-and-control of government – and its allies: the gigantic environmental “industry” whose reliance on legislation and litigation has inflicted unintended consequences on both the economy and the environment.