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Freedom of speech comes first in our Bill of Rights and a California Billionaire thinks he can take that away.

His name is Tom Steyer, a man who has created a small empire based primarily on the energy sector, which includes coal investment in foreign countries.

In the U.S. his investments are not in coal but the expensive alternative, solar power.

Despite his foreign coal investments he claims coal is a primary cause of climate change and must be abandoned – but only in the U.S.

Why is he pushing U.S. climate change alarmism? Because policies he advocates to address ‘climate change’ require a significant increase in the use of renewable energy.

And, his investments benefit from Federal and state government subsidizes.

And how has Steyer protected his renewable energy portfolio? By also investing heavily in politicians who will do his bidding.

Steyer is leveraging his political investments to shut down debate from those who disagree with him on climate change.

He has bankrolled efforts to block free speech on climate science, both through donations to Senatorial campaigns and apparently with the Democratic Attorneys General Association.

And he appears to have purchased a plank in the 2016 Democrat Party Platform calling for state attorneys general to shut down any climate change dissenters.

Steyer’s actions are an assault on our First Amendment and our representative form of government, all in order to benefit himself.

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