by Katy Grimes, E&E Legal Senior Media Fellow and California Globe Editor
As Appearing in the California Globe

The CARB will continue raising gas taxes, illegally, because more is never enough

I get the feeling that California drivers may just initiate a Sacramento Tea Party, but instead of dumping highly taxed tea into the harbor, this one may involve gas pumps.

We already know that California’s gas prices and gas taxes are the highest in the nation. Buckle up – they are going higher.

The California Governor, Legislature and State Air Resources Board are working hand in glove to restrict the availability of oil and gas and increase the cost of gas at the pump so severely, middle class and working class drivers will be making choices between groceries and fuel for the car.

The California Air Resources Board is mandating an additional 50 cents per gallon be added to the price of gas in California. This is all part of the goal to force California’s drivers out of their cars, and/or into electric vehicles. But ultimately, the Democrats’ goal is to ban petroleum-powered internal combustion engines by 2035 and gas-powered vehicles.

It is important to note that all tax increases are required to be voted on by the California Legislature. But the CARB – a state agency made up of political appointees – has been bypassing the Legislature for years and passing their own “clean air” and “climate change” taxes – obviously with the implicit approval of the Legislature.

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