A cornerstone of E&E Legal is sound energy and environment public policy research, conducted by some of the leading and most recognizable experts in the country.   Our experts conduct primary research, which are published and released to the media as well.  As a result of the policy work, our experts are also asked to testify before Congress, state legislatures, private conferences, and other venues.

E&E Legal’s Energy and Environment policy efforts are led by Tom Tanton, Director of Science and Technology Assessment.  Tanton has more than 40 years of direct and responsible experience in energy technology and legislative interface, having been central to many of the critical legislative changes that enable technology choice and economic development at the state and federal level.

State-by-State “Electrification” Costs Report

On September 22, 2020, E&E Legal released a state-by-state report on the capital cost associated with “electrification” for states and the nation. The report, and its accompanying data spreadsheet, was authored by Tom Tanton, E&E Legal’s Director of Science and Technology Assessment.

According to the report, electrifying the entire nation, with a goal of eliminating the direct consumption of fuel and reducing climate change emissions, would cost between $18 trillion and $29 trillion in first costs. Going all renewable will force costs to the high end of the range. Also, constructing and implementing an “all-electric” nation will include two other significant costs: stranded assets and deadweight losses. The bottom line is that electrification is not a cost-effective means of reducing carbon emissions from commercial or residential buildings nor the transportation sector.