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Richardson’s Appearance on the Joe Thomas Show to Discuss a Court’s Decision to Dismiss Shakedown Lawsuits by Enviros

E&E Legal President Craig Richardson Joins Terry Lowry’s What’s Up Radio Program to Discuss Efforts to Shake Down Energy Companies


E&E Legal’s Richardson Discusses Legal Shakedown Effort of Fossil Fuel Industry on Conservative Commando Radio


E&E Legal’s Richardson On the Weekly Word Discussing Whose Really Behind the Climate Change Movement (12/13/17)

Chris Horner on Breitbart’s James Delingpole’s Podcast – Released July 19, 2017

E&E Legal President Craig Richardson Discusses Legal Pressure by Climate Activists on the Schilling Show – July 14, 2017

E&E Legal Attorney Matt Hardin Discusses Latest Climate Related FOIAs on the Schilling Show – July 3, 2017

Steve Milloy on the Jack Beckman Show Discussing How to Fix the EPA – March 10, 2017

Chaim Mandelbaum on the Drew Maraini Show – December 21, 2016

Chaim Mandelbaum Discusses EPA’s Collusion with Green Groups in Writing Clean Power Plan on the Alan Nathan Show

Horner’s Appearance on Audrey Russo’s “REELTalk” Discussing that AG’s RICO Scandal

Mandelbaum 8/17/16 Interview on the Joyce Kaufman Show Discussing AG Collusion & Other Issues

Mandelbaum 8/17/16 Interview on the Mike Siegel Show Discussing AG Collusion & Other Issues

Mandelbaum 8/11/16 Interview on the Steve Gruber Show Discussing AG Collusion

Horner 8/4/16 Interview on the Vicki McKenna Show (WIBA)

Richardson 8/2/16 Interview on Zeb Bell Show Discussing Steyer Report

Chaim Mandelbaum’s Interview with Mike Stickman re: AG ‘Climate’ Crusade (4/28/16)

Chris Horner’s Interview with Joe Thomas (WCHV) re: White House, Select Governors, and Steyer Collusion

Chris Horner’s Interview with Joe Thomas (WCHV) re: EPA Collusion

Dr. David Schnare’s Radio Interview On The John Fredericks Show – The EPA Regulations will hurt the American people

David Schnare Discusses New Colorado Bill That Validates ATI’s Lawsuit Challenging the Constitutionality of the State’s Renewable Energy Mandate on the Amy Oliver Show