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17 03, 2017

Richardson: The Russia Connection Tom Steyer Doesn’t Want You To Know About

March 17th, 2017|Billionaire Scammers, Conflict of Interest, Media Coverage, Richardson, Steyer|

by Craig Richardson, E&E Legal President As Appearing in the Daily Caller Billionaire activist Tom Steyer’s political career has truly been plunging. The self-proclaimed eco-hero has slipped from 5% to 4% in a poll of possible contenders for the California governorship next year. These abysmal polling results place Steyer at the bottom end of an [...]

15 03, 2017

Driessen: Financial Stability Board Climate Deceit

March 15th, 2017|Comptrollers, Conflict of Interest, Horner, International, Media Coverage|

by C-FACT's Paul Driessen As Appearing in The $1.5-trillion Climate Crisis industry is not about to go quiet into that dark night, or to strut but an hour upon the stage, to then be heard no more. In these desperate times, it is unleashing even more sound and fury, and assaulting new targets, in a frantic [...]

9 03, 2017

Daily Caller: EPA Chief Calls Paris Agreement ‘A Bad Deal’ Amid Internal White House Struggle

March 9th, 2017|"Climate Change", 2015 Paris Talks, Horner, Media Coverage|

by Michael Bastasch Daily Caller Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Administrator Scott Pruitt weighed in on an issue the Trump administration has been silent on since taking the reins of government in January. Pruitt said the Paris climate agreement was “a bad deal” that should have been treated by the Obama administration as a treaty, instead [...]

9 03, 2017

Daily Caller: Trump’s Executive Order Targeting EPA Has One Huge Omission

March 9th, 2017|Endangerment Finding, Media Coverage, Milloy|

by Michael Bastasch Daily Caller The White House will issue an executive order next week to “revise or rescind” a regulation that’s the centerpiece of President Barack Obama’s global warming agenda. President Donald Trump will also order the Department of Justice to stop defending the Obama-era regulation, a source told E&E News, adding the executive [...]

8 03, 2017

Milloy: Revisiting the original climate sin; The EPA should be forced to prove its greenhouse gas endangerment finding

March 8th, 2017|"Climate Change", Bad Science, Endangerment Finding, Media Coverage, Milloy|

by Steve Milloy, E&E Legal Senior Policy Fellow As appearing in the Washington Times If President Trump wants to put an end to the hoax and economic disaster that is man-made catastrophic global warming hysteria, there’s one order that is essential to issue: the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) must reopen its “endangerment finding” for greenhouse [...]

8 03, 2017

Tanton: How California Regulations Are Polluting The World

March 8th, 2017|"Climate Change", Media Coverage, Scandal, Tanton|

by Tom Tanton, E&E Legal Director of Science and Technology Assessment, and Thomas Del Beccaro As appearing in Forbes In the church of climate change, carbon emissions are a sin and ending the use of fossil fuels our only prayer. So, the Left regulates and regulates in an effort to reduce so-called greenhouse gases – without ever asking [...]

7 03, 2017

Horner: Nixing the Paris climate pact

March 7th, 2017|2015 Paris Talks, Horner, International, Media Coverage, Scandal|

by Chris Horner, E&E Legal Senior Legal Fellow As appearing in the Washington Times Recent media reports suggest a conflict within the Trump White House over whether to keep the president’s campaign promise “to cancel the Paris Climate Agreement,” the successor to the rejected Kyoto Protocol. President Trump also promised to roll Barack Obama’s controversial [...]

6 03, 2017

Tanton: DOE’s EERE: Reform Ideas for Secretary Perr

March 6th, 2017|DOE, Media Coverage, Regulatory Reform, Tanton|

by Tom Tanton, E&E Legal Director of Science and Technology Assessment, and Mark Krebs As appearing in MasterResource ...With a renewed focus on energy consumers and less on environmental cronyism, DOE can gain new found respect from the American public and help drive a resurgent economy. With this purpose in mind, we offer the following [...]

6 03, 2017

Daily Caller: This Bill Would Block EPA From Using ‘Secret Science’ To Write Regulations

March 6th, 2017|Bad Science, EPA, Manipulation, Media Coverage, Milloy|

by Michael Bastasch The Daily Caller House lawmakers introduced legislation to block the EPA from appointing science advisers who are currently taking money from the agency. The bill stipulates EPA advisers “shall have no current grants or contracts from the [EPA] and shall not apply for a grant or contract for 3 years following the [...]

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