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13 02, 2021

Grimes: CA’s New Climate Change Legislation Claiming ‘Extreme Heat’ Is False

2021-02-15T15:08:31-05:00February 13th, 2021|"Climate Change", Bad Science, California, Grimes, Media Coverage|

by Katy Grimes As Appearing in the California Globe Bill appears to be a giant work project to convert the state’s infrastructure to reflective surfaces Climate change is back on the docket as the California Legislature gets underway in 2021. But buyer beware: one proposed bill would mandate California students are taught about climate change [...]

11 02, 2021

Daily News: Pine Township supervisor says wind moratorium is not an option

2021-02-15T15:20:54-05:00February 11th, 2021|Martis, Media Coverage, Windmills|

by Elisabeth Waldon Daily News (MI) PINE TOWNSHIP — The Pine Township Board heard nearly an hour of public comment at Monday’s meeting focused on the township’s need for an updated wind energy ordinance. Audience members also repeatedly asked the township board to place a moratorium on any township wind activity, but Supervisor Bill Drews [...]

5 02, 2021

Walcher: Saving it again, and again

2021-02-08T12:56:36-05:00February 5th, 2021|Forest Service, Media Coverage, Walcher|

by Greg Walcher, E&E Legal Senior Policy Fellow As appearing in the Daily Sentinel When Congress created the U.S. Forest Service in 1905, it had several clear purposes. Part of the role of national forests was to provide timber and other forest products the country needed, and part of it was to ensure a steady [...]

3 02, 2021

Daily Caller: Biden EPA Nominee Faces Questions About Agency’s Independence During Confirmation Hearing

2021-02-15T15:28:28-05:00February 3rd, 2021|EPA, Marxism, Media Coverage, Milloy|

by Varun Hukeri Daily Caller Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Administrator nominee Michael Regan faced questions about the agency’s independence within the Biden administration during his confirmation hearing Wednesday before the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee. “I am concerned about some of the appointments the president has made where they’re not in the purview of [...]

3 02, 2021

Milloy talks John Kerry’s climate hypocrisy and more with Kara McKinney on OAN’s “Tipping Point”

2021-02-08T12:49:30-05:00February 3rd, 2021|"Climate Change", "Scare Pollution", Bad Science, Billionaire Scammers, Communism, Conflict of Interest, Media Coverage, Milloy|

On February 3, 2021, E&E Legal's Steve Milloy joined Kara McKinney's OAN's Tipping Point to discuss the climate hypocrisy of John Forbes Kerry and other issues.  

1 02, 2021

Grimes: California’s 9th Circuit Court of Appeals to Hear Utility Wildfire Bailout Case

2021-02-08T13:08:52-05:00February 1st, 2021|California, Forest Management, Grimes, Media Coverage|

by Katy Grimes As Appearing in the California Globe Lawsuit says California utility customers forced to bail out utilities for wildfires utilities caused After the Public Utilities Commission denied three Investor Owned Utilities in California – Pacific Gas and Electric, San Diego Gas and Electric, and Southern California Edison – the cost of wildfire repayments [...]

29 01, 2021

Walcher: A monumental opportunity

2021-02-01T11:27:44-05:00January 29th, 2021|Media Coverage, Walcher|

by Greg Walcher, E&E Legal Senior Policy Fellow As appearing in the Daily Sentinel The headline has become so familiar that few people even notice anymore: Washington Monument Closed Again. The most recognizable structure in the nation’s capital, which attracts more than 600,000 visitors annually, has also become a symbol of government arrogance. That’s because [...]

28 01, 2021

Daily Caller: ‘Deliberate, Intentional And Devastating’: Experts Say Biden’s Week One Climate Actions Already Killing Jobs

2021-02-01T11:36:46-05:00January 28th, 2021|"Scare Pollution", Chinese Influence, Communism, Keystone XL, Media Coverage, Milloy|

by Varun Hukeri Daily Caller President Joe Biden has put climate policy at the forefront of his administration’s agenda, but climate policy experts Thursday warned his decision to cancel the Keystone XL pipeline and rejoin the Paris Climate Accord could eliminate thousands of jobs... The principal target set by the agreement is to reduce emissions [...]

27 01, 2021

WXXI News: Energy Nominee Jennifer Granholm Stresses Climate Action And Jobs

2021-01-28T11:32:37-05:00January 27th, 2021|"Climate Change", Chinese Influence, Communism, Media Coverage, Milloy|

by Jeff Brady WXXI News Former Michigan Gov. Jennifer Granholm is expected to refocus the Department of Energy on climate change if she's confirmed as the next secretary of energy. In a confirmation hearing Wednesday before the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee, Granholm echoed President Biden's emphasis on new jobs created through achieving his [...]

27 01, 2021

KFI AM: Biden Uses ‘Climate Crisis’ to Kill Thousands of Energy Jobs in First Week

2021-01-28T11:27:51-05:00January 27th, 2021|"Climate Change", Chinese Influence, Fracking, Green Groups, Keystone XL, Media Coverage, Milloy|

by Nik Rajkovic KFI AM It didn't take long for the Biden administration to cripple the oil and gas industry by halting the Keystone project and drilling on federal lands. Steve Milloy, former Trump EPA transition member and founder of, says Biden devastated thousands of hard-working families with a couple strokes of his pen. [...]

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