Petition Litigation

E&E Legal is the national leader in strategic free market environmental litigation.  As a leader in these areas of law, E&E Legal has been asked for and provided legal guidance to a dozen other state policy institutes, which has helped the State Policy Network’s national efforts to foster and refresh federalism.

E&E Legal holds governments accountable when they violate their own rules, whether administrative or Constitutional. Central to our strategy is a petition-litigation practice that requires courts to reevaluate prior decisions, hold rogue agencies and government employees accountable, and puts false science on trial.  When radical environmentalists, especially those on the government payroll, present invalid or unproven evidence to force companies or individuals to comply with unnecessary and burdensome regulations, E&E Legal holds their feet to the fire.

To maximize our impact, we carefully weigh each potential case for favorable evidence, facts, case law, public relations potential, and especially implications upon likely future legal and legislative action. In the same manner as the environmental Left, our victories may result in the recovering of attorney fees, allowing us to build the organization and expand our legal agenda. We are optimistic that today’s successes will also have the benefit of securing for free markets a more favorable legal climate tomorrow.

Previous Cases


E&E Legal has achieved major successes with our Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request program and state-level public records requests.  Documents produced under FOIAs and public records requests are extremely valuable in exposing to the public errors, omissions, unethical behavior, intimidation, and outright fraud on the part of government agencies and their employees.

The infamous ‘ClimateGate’ e-mails from the Climate Research Unit at East Anglia University in 2009 are widely thought to have been a collection prepared in response to a FOIA request under the United Kingdom’s version of the law, but not released because of stonewalling on the part of climate alarmists.  E&E Legal has used public records request to expose extensive collusion with ‘green group’ activists and regulators during the Obama Administration, as well as uncovering a Rockefeller-funded effort to use state attorneys general to shake down a major energy company and to use RICO to intimidate critics of this agenda.

The group is well versed in targeting requests, and more importantly, disseminating the disclosed information through earned media channels, investigative reports, and through other public educations campaigns.

FOIA Requests

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