by Catherine Salgado
PJ Media

The state of West Virginia is hitting woke banks where it hurts, banning their state contracts over climate alarmist, anti-oil policies.

West Virginia State Treasurer Riley Moore has added Citibank, TD Bank, Northern Trust, and HSBC Holdings to the list of banks that can no longer have state contracts, according to the Washington Examiner on April 8. The banks’ Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) policies and their boycotts of reliable “fossil fuels” (which are actually not from fossils) finally won them penalties. The climate scam is likely to create a massive energy crisis, promoted and furthered by big businesses and financial institutions.

The above-mentioned banks will join BlackRock, Goldman Sachs, J.P. Morgan Chase, Morgan Stanley, and Wells Fargo on the restricted list in West Virginia. Washington Examiner reported that the previously banned banks had lost access to an estimated $18 billion in “annual inflows and outflows” since the restrictions were imposed. Moore described this as a “tremendous loss” when speaking with the Examiner. He hopes his actions will inspire other states to take on the woke banks as well…

More than one user hailed the move as a win against the radical climate alarmism poisoning our institutions on Twitter/X. “Kudos to West Virginia Treasurer @RileyMooreWV for protecting West Virginia from the illegal ESG cartel,” applauded climate truth teller Steve Milloy. The Empowerment Alliance declared, “The #oilandgas industry is the lifeblood of America, not just West Virginia. There’s no reason for states to do business with banks who turn their back on American energy workers. Shoutout to @RileyMooreWV for showing other states how to fight back! 👊”

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