by Lisa Friedman
New York Times

He has called for increased oil production and said that electric vehicles will result in an ‘assassination’ of jobs.

Former President Donald J. Trump has vowed to “cancel” President Biden’s policies for cutting pollution from fossil-fuel-burning power plants, “terminate” efforts to encourage electric vehicles, and “develop the liquid gold that is right under our feet” by promoting oil and gas.

Those changes and others that Mr. Trump has promised, if he were to win the presidency again, represent a 180-degree shift from Mr. Biden’s climate agenda…

Yet even Republican opponents of the climate law acknowledge that undoing those tax incentives will be hard, in large part because many of the battery manufacturing facilities and new electric vehicle plants are being built in Republican districts.

“Unfortunately the wind and solar and EV guys have all got their hooks in red states, so clawing back that money is more difficult to do,” said Steven J. Milloy, a climate-change denialist who worked on Mr. Trump’s transition team in 2020. Still, Mr. Milloy said, a Trump administration could do a lot to slow down a transition to clean energy even if the tax breaks remains.

“What the I.R.A. doesn’t do is force anybody to approve wind farms or solar farms,” he said, adding, “I don’t see those getting approved under a Trump administration. I see extremely thorough investigations into whale deaths and other environmental problems.”

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