by Penny Star

The wildfires raging in the western United States are not caused by climate change but by “eco-imperialists” who oppose forest management that could prevent natural seasonal fires from becoming massive and destructive wildfires, experts said Thursday on a call with reporters.

“The basic problem with our national forests and our BLM [Bureau of Land Management] forest is too many trees,” Myron Ebell, director of the Center for Energy and Environment at the Competitive Enterprise Institute, said. “We have thickets, not forests.”

“California, they have four times too many trees per acre,” Ebell said. “The national forests have about eight times more fuel or fiber every year. So, every year, this problem becomes worse.”…

Steve Milloy, founder of the Junk Science website, agreed.

“The current forest management policy is so bad that it just staggers the imagination, and you’ve got to wonder why are environmentalists even letting this occur,” Milloy said. “Is it just negligence, or is there something more to it?”

“Are they maybe sacrificing, letting California burn for their political agenda — to make the point every year?” Milloy said.

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