by H. Sterling Burnett
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Members of the Republican caucus seem not to have learned the lessons of the 2018 election cycle: Climate change is a loser for Republicans trying to play the “me too” game by offering policies intended to demonstrate liberals aren’t the only ones fighting it.

Unless one already buys into the delusion that carbon dioxide (CO2) is a pollutant—it’s not, and Republicans should be smarter than to believe it is—then there is no reason the federal government should be intervening in energy markets more than it wrongheadedly already does to fight climate change…

Some Republicans would subsidize the greater use of technologies to sequester carbon dioxide produced at power plants. But—as Steve Milloy, founder of, notes in an article on American Greatness—although it is technically possible to capture carbon dioxide and inject it underground, there is not enough space underground to store significant amounts of carbon dioxide produced each year permanently.

Additionally, the so-called carbon-capture process is expensive. The federal government and private utilities combined have already dumped approximately $10 billion down the blackhole of carbon capture and storage. Despite that investment, Milloy notes, “Little-to-no CO2 has been stored. But lots of money has been wasted.”

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