21 06, 2018

Daily Caller’s Obtained Memo Reveals Steyer’s Involvement in Lawsuits Against Energy Industry Despite His Claims to the Contrary

2018-12-19T14:14:48-05:00June 21st, 2018|Billionaire Scammers, Conflict of Interest, Legal, Richardson, Shakedown, Steyer|

by Craig Richardson, President The Daily Caller published an article yesterday that covered a memo showing Tom Steyer, the billionaire environmentalists, had a deep involvement in the attacks on ExxonMobil, despite the billionaire’s assertions to the contrary. The new memo indicates members of Fahr LLC, Next Gen, and TomKat Foundation met in November 2015 to [...]

13 06, 2018

Richardson’s Statement on Energy Companies Request for New York Court to Dismiss ‘Climate Change’ Shakedown

2018-12-19T14:15:06-05:00June 13th, 2018|Billionaire Scammers, Conflict of Interest, Legal, Press Releases, Richardson, Rockefeller's, Shakedown, Steyer, Suits|

Washington, D.C. – Craig Richardson, president of the Energy and Environment Legal Institute, issued the following statement in response to a hearing today in the Southern District of New York and a request by several energy companies to dismiss a climate change related lawsuit filed against them by New York City. Once again global elitists [...]

12 06, 2018

Richardson Appearance on Terry Lowry’s What Up Radio Program to Discuss the Energy Company Shakedown Effort by the Left

2018-12-19T14:15:19-05:00June 12th, 2018|"Climate Change", Billionaire Scammers, Legal, Rockefeller's, Shakedown|

E&E Legal President Craig Richardson joined Terry Lowry's What's Up radio program to discuss the Left's shakedown efforts of large energy companies in a handful of municipalities. Listen now.

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