by Varun Hukeri

After a cyber attack on the Colonial Pipeline in early May caused a major disruption to the nation’s energy supply, a White House advisory council published a report recommending the Biden administration not to repair or upgrade pipeline infrastructure.

A report published May 13 by the White House Environmental Justice Advisory Council (WHEJAC) provided a number of recommendations to the administration on issues such as climate change mitigation, sustainable infrastructure and renewable energy. The council was established in late March pursuant to President Joe Biden’s week-one climate executive order.

The report called for boosting federal climate investment as part of the administration’s multi-agency Justice40 Initiative. But it also included a list of projects which supposedly “will not benefit a community.” The report advised against “procurement, development or infrastructure repair that would in any way extend the lifespan or production capacity” of a fossil fuel project…

“There is no credible scientific evidence showing that minorities are at greater risk from anything in the environment,” said Steve Milloy, a former Trump-Pence transition team energy adviser. “Ironically, [environmental justice] operates to make life worse for minorities as it blocks economic development and job opportunities. Poverty is the greatest threat minorities face.”

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