The Energy & Environment Legal Institute (E&E Legal), joined the Institute for Energy Research (IER) on an amicus brief concerning the constitutionality of the California Waiver.  The brief, filed in the D.C. Circuit Court, concerns the case, Ohio et al v. the Environmental Protection Agency.  As the filing notes, “Treating some States or their subdivisions better than others, for no good reason at that, is perfidiousto the federalism that is at the heart of our Constitution, for this principle has at its core the ‘union of political equals.’…As the Supreme Court repeatedly has acknowledged, ‘the States in the Union are coequal sovereigns under the Constitution.'”

Other organizations joining the IER amicus brief include:

  • American Commitment
  • Americans for Tax Reform
  • Caesar Rodney Institute
  • California Policy Center
  • Center of the American Experiment
  • Freedom Foundation of Minnesota
  • Independent Women’s Law Center
  • Institute for Regulatory Analysis and Engagement
  • Rio Grande Foundation
  • Thomas Jefferson Institute for Public Policy

For more information, see the IER press release.