by Katy Grimes
As Appearing in the California Globe

Could it instead be the dismal California economy and failing state that is causing the Steyers to move?

“Billionaire environmental activist and former presidential candidate Tom Steyer is selling a couple of homes in his portfolio. Last month, he parted with a Lake Tahoe home for $2.8 million, and now he is putting his longtime family home in San Francisco’s exclusive Pacific Heights neighborhood on the market for $11 million,” the Wall Street Journal recently reported.

“I’ve lived in San Francisco for most of my adult life. I love this city and this state, but I’m terrified of where we are at right now,” Mr. Steyer said in an email to the Journal. “Recently, with orange skies, a sun that did not rise, and air we can not breathe, we are faced with the grim reality that we are living the climate crisis.“

Steyer wants everyone to believe he is leaving San Francisco because of a “climate crisis,” and not because the City by the Bay has devolved into total chaos: skyrocketing property crime and auto theft, violent crime is 54% higher than the rest of the state, homelessness is everywhere as is public defecation and urination, drug addiction and rampant related crime is the new normal in San Francisco.

This “climate crisis” Steyer claims is the cause of “orange skies, a sun that did not rise, and air we can not breathe.”

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