by Steve Milloy, E&E Legal Senior Policy Fellow, and Founder
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Google’s announced demonetization of web sites that expose the climate hoax does nothing but validate what climate realists have been saying for years: It’s not about the climate; it’s about the political power. If what we were saying was wrong, we would have been laughed off the Internet long ago. Instead, reality is validating us and public support for climate idiocy is going nowhere. Just this morning, the New York Times reported that climate even polls badly among Democrats — an issue for “weird, very white liberal people.” Google’s move will have no effect on climate realist web sites for the simple reason that the ad revenue is pretty trivial. We don’t know of any climate realist who blogs for the Google ad revenue. We do it, because we oppose the abuse of science, especially as it is being used to advance totalitarianism. Google’s demonetization is an admission that we are winning, a treasure far more valuable than Google ad revenue. Winning… with or without a few shekels from Google.