by Anthony Salamone
The Morning Call

Shareholder activists are increasingly putting companies around the globe on notice that climate change matters — to both the environment and corporate profits. And Allentown energy giant PPL Corp. is among the businesses that now must answer them.

At PPL’s annual meeting in May, shareholders approved by about 57 percent a proposal urging management to publicly report how climate change policies will affect company earnings. It marked the first time stockholders of a U.S. electric utility voted in favor of the resolution, which calls for an examination of corporate goals related to the Paris climate accord…

Steve Milloy, a senior fellow at the Energy and Environment Legal Institute, is a critic of environmental investors’ push against PPL and other corporations.

Milloy, who runs a website called, said most environmental activists, including the New York retirement fund, are pushing a “political agenda. You have these state pension funds, like New York, that are very politicized now.

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