Daily News editorial

Yes, it’s true that this space has in recent years frequently been devoted to the topic of the controversial Keystone XL pipeline.

And, yes, it’s probably true that opponents of the project hoped that TC Energy’s recent announcement that it was canceling the project meant the end to Daily News editorials on the topic.

Well, not just yet.

We can’t help but note the continued thought-provoking reactions from those who wanted to see the project move forward and are frustrated with President Joe Biden’s actions to block the project…

Reflecting on the fact that there are about 2.4 million miles of natural gas pipelines and 170,000 miles of liquid petroleum pipelines in existence today, canceling Keystone XL is largely a symbolic victory, said Steve Milloy, found of JunkScience.com.

“The oil is going to keep flowing,” he said. “This is just wanton devastation of jobs for no gain. There’s just no result from this other than serving as a precedent for more pipeline activism and shutdowns.”

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