by Chris Prandoni, Americans for Tax Reform
As Appearing in Forbes

Last year, the Obama Administration proposed the Clean Power Plan (CPP), an Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulation that would reduce carbon emissions by 30 percent. A necessary result of these carbon reductions is increased electricity costs and reduced grid reliability as coal plants are shuttered. These concerns have been well documented. State legislatures, public utility commissions, departments of environmental quality, governors, and attorneys general from across the country have expressed anxiety about the policy implications flowing from EPA’s proposed CPP.

In a recent letter sent to every governor, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) articulated his concerns about the CPP and EPA’s campaign to pressure states to hand over control of their power markets to the federal government. The conclusion Sen. McConnell reached – and one supported by conservative and free-market groups across the country – is that states should assess the CPP on their own and wait until the courts rule on the CPP before ceding irretrievable power to EPA.

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