by Steve Milloy, E&E Legal Senior Policy Fellow and Founder
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The Biden EPA plans to return to the good old pre-Trump days of regulating based on fake benefit-cost analysis. You can file your written comments with EPA here. The deadline is June 14,2021. The Federal Register announcement is here.

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The Biden EPA wants to roll back the Trump EPA’s rules for improving benefit cost-analysis.

It’s a transparent attempt to return to the days of prior EPAs… when the agency fraudulently invented fake benefits to justify the very real costs of job killing overregulation.

I will limit my comments to the Biden EPA’s insistence on inventing fake benefits.

The Biden EPA objects to the existing requirement that claimed benefits be based upon scientific evidence indicating a causal relationship between pollutant exposure and effect.

So let’s consider the case of airborne fine particulate matter called PM2.5, which will refer to as PM.

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