by Willem Post
The Energy Collective

Like the corn-to-ethanol and solar industries, the Big Wind industry basks in political correctness and political favoritism. Big Wind has grown comfortable in its dependence on federal and state governments that decide which energy industries will be winners or losers — discrimination enforced by squeezing taxpayers, rigging the tax code and regulations, such as state-mandated “must-take” provisions and renewable portfolio standards, RPS.

Various Big Wind promoters maintain the cost of wind energy is competitive with other sources of energy. As shown below, this is hardly the case. They often point to power purchase agreements, PPAs, between wind turbine owners and utilities to sell at 5 to 6 c/kWh as proof of market price parity…

The below data are based on extracts from a report titled “The Hidden Costs of Wind Electricity”, December 2012, authored by Dr. Taylor and Tom Tanton.

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