by Valerie Richardson
Washington Times

A Bermuda company has denied funneling Russian money to environmental groups after being named by two key House Republicans in a letter calling for a probe into foreign funding of anti-fracking advocacy.

Roderick M. Forrest, attorney for Klein Ltd., described as “completely false and irresponsible” accusations that Kleinhas acted as a conduit to move tens of millions from Russia to liberal U.S. foundations that in turn fund opponents of hydraulic fracturing…

Craig Richardson, president of the Energy & Environmental Legal Institute, said a federal investigation was needed to track the “potential role in washing Russian oil and gas money and getting it into the hands of major U.S. anti-fracking environmental organizations.”

“Russia’s concerns about U.S. fracking efforts are obvious as they compete with the U.S. on the world market and it appears that Sea Change Foundation as a pass-through entity for U.S. environmental groups provided them with a perfect vehicle,” said Mr. Richardson in an email.

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