by World Tribune Staff

Sea ice in the Arctic Ocean increased by more than 30 percent in the past year and is currently the highest it’s been in nine years, according to the Ocean and Sea Ice Satellite Application Facility’s High Latitude Processing Center.

The sea ice level in the Antarctic is also well above normal, the processing center reported.

Tony Heller of Real Climate Science noted the Arctic Ocean gained a record amount of sea ice during the first week of September.

“Most years the Arctic loses ice, but this year ice extent has increased” more than 77,000 square miles, Heller tweeted….

“If climate activists were allowed, they would take us from Covid lockdowns straight into climate lockdowns,” founder Steve Milloy told the Daily Caller. “Now that they’ve seen arbitrary lockdowns successfully imposed under the guise of a ‘public health emergency,’ they can’t wait for federal, state and local declarations of a climate emergency to achieve the same sort of dominance over us.”

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