by Katy Grimes, Senior Media Fellow and California Globe Editor
As appearing in the California Globe

Unreliable renewal energy is ideology over necessity

Over the weekend, PG&E turned off power in Napa, during a heat wave, only restoring power later in the day. More power outages came at 9 p.m. to customers in Butte County, Yuba County, and Sierra Foothills.

The Associated Press headline touted this as “proactive,” using language directly from PG&E’s press release: “California utility proactively cuts power because of weather.”

The Los Angeles Times called it a “precaution:” “Yolo County fire grows to 1,700 acres; PG&E shuts off power in parts of Northern California as a precaution.”

PG&E reported, “Power outages are needed for wildfire safety.”

Southern California Edison also has numerous outages, and San Diego Gas & Electric has shut off power, although not this weekend, or this season, a spokesperson confirmed. All of the energy providers are worried that transmission lines may start a fire. PG&E has been warning they will be de-energizing power lines in at-risk rural areas during windy days, to avoid a repeat of the deadly wildfire in Paradise, CA last year that killed 85 people and destroyed 15,000 homes in the area.

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