by E&E Legal Senior Policy Fellow Greg Walcher
As appearing in The Daily Sentinel

Rob Reiner’s first comedy classic as a director, 1984’s “The Sure Thing,” is a saga of everything that can possibly go wrong for two students falling in love on a cross-country road trip. The ride they arranged from a bulletin board abandons them in the middle of nowhere, and after several failed hitch-hiking attempts, they find themselves tired, hungry, completely broke, and drenched by a sudden cloudburst. They seek shelter in an old shed, only to discover that it has no roof. Just when all hope seems lost, she remembers that she has a credit card, and they begin to celebrate. Their joy is cut short when she says, “Wait, my parents said it’s only for emergencies.” John Cusack’s character sarcastically deadpans to her, “Well maybe one will come up.”

This week, several new reports about America’s dying forests left me wondering if any crisis will ever be enough for Congress and the U.S. Forest Service to do something decisive.

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