by Steve Milloy, E&E Legal Senior Policy Fellow and Founder
As Appearing in the RealClear Energy

Joe Biden is no moderate. He admitted as much at the final presidential debate when he said that he would “transition” America away from oil. Many don’t realize how radical a statement that is.

Since at least 1988, politicians and advocates have tried to sell the American people two demonstrably false ideas. The first: that our use of fossil fuels like coal, oil, and gas is bad for the planet. The second: that we have access to affordable substitutes for these energy sources.

Since the mid-2000s, these notions have been incorporated into K-12 and university curricula and adopted and propagated by virtually every public and private institution, including U.S. oil companies striving to be politically correct.

When Biden says that the U.S. will get rid of fossil fuels, many believe that this is both a worthy goal and an achievable one.

It’s neither.

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