by Katy Grimes, Senior Media Fellow and California Globe Editor
As appearing in the California Globe

‘We have so much to clean up in California’

A bill sponsored by a multitude of environmental justice groups, would cut the majority of oil and natural gas production in California. Coupled with environmental groups demanding Gov. Gavin Newsom ban new oil and gas drilling in California and completely phase out fossil fuel extraction, the goal is to put California’s petroleum industry out of business.

As California Globe reported Monday, Assembly Bill 345 by Assemblyman Al Muratsuchi (D-Torrance), requires all new oil and gas development or rework operations that is not on federal land, to be located at least 2,500 feet from a residence, school, childcare facility, playground, hospital, or health clinic.

The bill analysis by the Assembly Natural Resources committee states: “The proximity to oil and gas extraction, including the use of hydraulic fracturing, well acidization, and other nonconventional oil and gas extraction techniques, adversely impacts public health and safety.”

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