by Erin Voegele
Biodiesel Magazine

A coalition of 24 organizations, including Americans for Prosperity [and E&E Legal], sent a letter to President Trump April 28 urging him to waive Renewable Fuel Standard blending requirements for the remainder of the year.

“The pandemic has underscored the need for permanent regulatory reform…” the letter states. “One area that warrants immediate attention is the [RFS].”

“Our organizations have consistently pointed out the clear shortcomings in the RFS, a market-distorting boondoggle that mandates consumer demand for politically connected biofuel companies at the expense of hard-working Americans and the environment,” the letter claims. “Inaccurate projections from 2005 and 2007, an inconsistent annual standard-setting and waiver process, and Congressional inaction, punctuated by agency infighting, underscores the need for repeal of the program.”

The letter urges Trump to direct the U.S. EPA to issue a waiver of 2020 RFS blending obligations “for the remainder of 2020.” The letter claims RFS volumes will exceed consumer demand for biofuels, resulting in greater compliance costs, skyrocketing prices for renewable identification numbers (RINs), and bureaucratic nightmares.

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