by Jessica Towhey
Boston Herald

Despite the Democratic Party’s push for progressive environmental policies like the Green New Deal, climate change was not foremost on the minds of most voters this election cycle, according to recent polling from the Associated Press.

The polling, performed by NORC at the University of Chicago, shows that just single-digit percentages of voters across multiple states considered climate to be among their top issues. The economy and jobs as well as health care were among the top issues as people cast their ballots.

In Michigan, Pennsylvania and North Carolina just 3% of voters ranked climate as important; 5% in New York and Minnesota; and 6% in Massachusetts…

“If he does become president, Biden may want to pay attention to the New York Times election exit polls that indicated voters don’t place a high priority on the generic climate issue — no exit poll result made it out of single digits,” said Steve Milloy, founder of

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