by H. Sterling Burnett
The Heartland Institute

With waning support from other state’s attorney’s general for his climate lawsuits, New York AG Eric Schneiderman is now focusing Exxon’s reports to investors.

Seventeen state attorneys general (AGs) are backing away from their prior commitment to New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman’s investigation of ExxonMobil’s past climate research.

As a result, Schneiderman’s investigation is shifting its focus from what Exxon knew about climate change and what research Exxon funded to what it has told its investors about the potential effect laws and regulations being considered by governments around the world could have on its oil and gas operations and future development plans…

E-mails obtained by the Energy & Environment Legal Institute (EELI) reveal various state AGs questioned Schneiderman’s strategy for going after Exxon from the beginning.

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