by Jon Dougherty
Business & Politics

Many of the world’s billionaires traveled to a resort town in Idaho last week to discuss, among other things, “climate change,” but it was the manner in which they all arrived — by private jet — that drove most of the criticism.

In fact, private jet traffic to the event in Sun Valley was so dense at one point that the Federal Aviation Administration was forced to ban, temporarily, all other plane traffic on the West Coast, Fox Business Network reported on Sunday.

Officials told Fox News the agency had no choice but to delay other flights from taking off because the airspace congestion in and around the Sun Valley region was too thick…

So many billionaires in private jets flew to Sun Valley to hear @BillGates rave about climate that the FAA had to stop temporarily shutdown Western air space to other air traffic. No #ClimateHypocrisyhere. Move on,” wrote Steve Milloy, a Fox News contributor who managed the EPA transition for the then-incoming Trump administration and noted “climate contrarian.”

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