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…[E&E Legal] Attorney Brady Toensing said he still remains stymied in efforts to get {former Attorney General William} Sorrell to produce all of the emails and texts from his private accounts that Toensing says were required by the high court.”

Sorrell – an enemy of your right to know – says the records Toensing won the right to see aren’t available because they were on a phone that got wet on a fishing trip…

[Chief Assistant Attorney General Bill] Griffin argued, the attorney general doesn’t have to share public information with people it doesn’t like. Specifically he said:

“We get a request from [Energy and Environment Legal Institute] and so one thing we might consider is where are they — who are these people?” Griffin said in a transcript of the hearing. “Where are they going with this? And we Google them and we find, you know, coal or Exxon or whatever — and so we’re thinking this is — we better — we better give this some thought before we — before we share information with this entity.”

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