by Katy Grimes
California Globe Editor & E&E Legal Senior Media Fellow

Investigative Journalist Katy Grimes joins California Globe as Editor, January 1, 2019. Grimes is a longtime investigative political journalist, analyst, and author, and reports on the California Legislature and politics from the State Capitol in Sacramento.

Grimes has been published in numerous news outlets including Legal Insurrection, Frontpage Mag, Orange County Register, Washington Examiner, the San Francisco Examiner, the Sacramento Bee, Fox News, the Business Journal, the Canada Free Press, the Flash Report, Human Events, and She was a regular columnist for The Sacramento Union…

California Globe publisher Kevin Sanders said,  “We hired Katy to open a window on what the power players of Sacramento are up to — the lawmakers, their staffs, the lobbyists and influencers. We know they’re already reading our site and now, with a great editor raising our game, anyone looking to reach those power players will know where to advertise.”

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