by Katy Grimes, Senior Media Fellow and California Globe Editor
As appearing in the California Globe

State Legislature has passed mandates for ending the use of natural gas

A press conference Tuesday by the California Business Roundtable had state, labor leaders and the business community there to call upon Governor Gavin Newsom to support a wide array of energy options to power the state of California, rather than allowing the current trend of ridding the state of oil and gas energy, and supporting electricity only.

The coalition also expressed concern over the lack of oversight of the California Public Utilities Commission and California Energy Commission of unelected gubernatorial appointees, and their support of energy policies which could thrust California head first into another energy crisis.

The California Business Roundtable wants lawmakers and the governor to address the affordability crisis in California, as well as the realistic energy demands of the state. “California regulators should not be in the business if picking and choosing energy winners,” Lapsley said. “By eliminating renewable natural gas as an option to meet our climate goals, the CEC and CPUC are not only eliminating cost-effective pathways to meeting our goals, they will cost the state valuable green jobs at the same time.”

Notably, California doesn’t have many actual green jobs; sanitation engineers who pick up recyclable garbage are counted as “green jobs.” Even lawyers who sue over California Environmental Quality Act violations are falsely counted as “green jobs.”

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