by Katy Grimes, E&E Legal Senior Media Fellow and California Globe Editor
As Appearing in the California Globe

Newsom’s bans are coming for you’

“Attention California Drivers: @GavinNewsom’s ban on gas, diesel & hybrid cars & trucks begins in 2026, before the state has an electrical grid that can charge all the new EVs and keep our lights on and they make affordable EVs that work for families,” Western States Petroleum Association said bright and early Wednesday morning on Twitter.

What is WSPA talking about and why are they advertising in Florida and Texas – the two states and governors Newsom has targeted advertising?

“With Governor Newsom unwilling to listen to Californians about the increased costs and burdens created by his energy bans and mandates, the 150,000 women and men of California’s oil and gas industry are sending a warning sign to other states,” WSPA said. “Through advertisements mirroring the markets Newsom placed his own campaign ads in, industry workers want to caution others about the impacts his policies have had on California communities and their careers.”

“The reason we are advertising in Florida is because we are trying to reach our governor,” Kevin Slagle at WSPA told the Globe.

Slagle said Governor Newsom’s energy bans and climate governing is being done by executive order, rather than following the proper rule making process.

And, Newsom is issuing his directives to the California Air Resources Board to fulfill.

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