by Jack Dini
Canada Free Press

Joe Biden’s campaign is unveiling a ‘Climate Engagement Advisory Council” aimed at mobilizing voters who prioritize climate change and environmental justice. November’s election is a stark contrast between Biden, whose platform goes much further than Obama-era policies,  and President Trump, who largely dismisses the problem, and is rolling back his predecessor’s initiatives. 1

Joe Biden has picked Carol Browner as a climate adviser. Browner was the Clinton EPA chief and Obama energy and environment czar.

As President Obama’s climate czar, Browner told lawmakers to embrace the Green New Deal, and later suggested they start by codifying the Obama regulations that President Trump was trying to undo…

Steve Milloy reports, “Carol Browner was a commissioner in Socialist International. This revelation has been ignored by the mainstream media and blithely dismissed by her supporters. Socialist International is precisely what it sounds like—a decidedly anti-capitalistic political cause. Founded in 1951, its organizing document rails against capitalism, asserting that it ‘has been incapable of satisfying the elementary needs of the world’s population..unable to function without devastating crises and mass unemployment..produced social insecurity and glaring contrasts between rich and poor..(and) resorted to imperialist expansion and colonial exploitation..” Socialist International also asserts.”

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