by Jerry McConnell
Canada Free Press

How long has it been since It was discovered that a veritable gold mine of oil was being proposed for our use by our friends in Canada? Four or five years at least.

Until our ‘Major Obstructionist and Dictator’, Barack Hussein Obama heard of it and immediately began plotting with his beloved Islamists Brotherhood to keep it out of American hands by simply refusing to allow a pipeline to be built to carry the oil into the United States; succeeding ever since…

The emails were obtained under a Freedom of Information Act request by the Energy and Environment Legal Institute (EELI).  EELI senior legal fellow Chris Horner told Fox News that “as a government agency, EPA couldn’t be seen as overtly trying to kill Keystone, but was reaching out to environmental groups for other ideas on how to do it.”  Horner said “many EPA staffers share a policy agenda with environmental groups, a common cause illuminated in the emails his group obtained.

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