by Jack Dini
Canada Free Press

A study of the Sierra snow pack confirmed that more than a third of the air pollution affecting California originates in China

“One of America’s great but untold environmental success stories is that we have made and continue to make great improvements in our air quality, thanks largely to state and federal implementation of the Clean Air Act and innovation in the private sector,” said EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler.

He added, “The US is a global leader in clean air progress, and we’ve proven that we can protect the environment while growing our economy.” 1

The EPA announced nationwide concentrations of all measured air pollutants have dropped dramatically. From 1970 and 2017, the combined emissions of six key pollutants dropped by 73 percent, EPA reports…

Obama cleaned the air and Trump polluted was the claim. Yet,  the fuller graph of EPA data broken out by pollutants starting in 2000 rather than the NY Times’ 2009 start clearly shows US air is clean and safe. PM2.5 in outdoor air kills no one and causes no other health effects, reports Steve Milloy.

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