by Marlo Lewis
Competitive Enterprise Institute

E&E Legal joined the joint comment letter

Public policy analysts from 20 free-market organizations, including the Competitive Enterprise Institute, today filed a joint comment letter in support of Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt’s proposal to repeal the Obama administration’s so-called Clean Power Plan (CPP).

“We strongly support repeal of the CPP based on EPA’s reading of the Clean Air Act (CAA),” the groups declare in their joint filing. “This action is critical to end the previous administration’s economically destructive war on fossil fuels and deter future attempts to inflate EPA into a national climate policy legislator and energy czar.”

The groups’ summarize their extensive and detailed comments as follows.

The Clean Power Plan was President Obama’s marquee domestic climate policy and regulatory centerpiece of his Paris climate treaty emission-reduction pledge. Unable to persuade Congress to enact cap-and-trade legislation, Obama vowedto find other ways to “skin the cat,” and directed EPA to regulate carbon dioxide emissions from the U.S. power sector. The CPP was the result. It is unlawful for all the reasons outlined in the repeal proposal plus others described herein.

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