by S.C. Sherman
ClashDaily with Doug Giles

It’s almost laughable that this is a surprise to anyone, but the proof is more evident than ever. A recent report by the Energy and Environment Legal Institute (E&E Legal) has used information obtained from a Freedom of Information Act request to expose the collusion between Green Energy Groups, like Sierra Club, and the EPA. Green energy activists and lobbyists are shown to be actively involved in writing Green House Gas (GHG) government policy soon to be implemented. The EPA has proven itself to be an ideological wing of the “Green Mafia”. Watch this two minute overview video discussing the report.

Hillary Clinton isn’t the only one with private emails and missing servers. Apparently, the IT department in this administration is a “Junior Varsity” team, because the EPA has the same problem as the State Department. They’ve got officials who used private secret email accounts, entirely lost emails, and been less than forthcoming with others. Michael Goo, former green group lawyer, now tapped by the EPA to actually write the new global warming rules that will regulate greenhouse gases, has used his private email account for his nefarious actions. Goo has turned over only a few of the emails requested. Even from those emails a smoking gun of collusion between the EPA and private, agenda-driven green groups has emerged. Goo directly discussed with Sierra Club lobbyist, John, Coequyt, how to create rules for America’s electric utilities that were not achievable. This collusion is illegal. This administration and the EPA has proven itself not to care about the means to the end when it comes to legality.

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