Scott Waldman and Mark K. Matthews
E&E News reporters

As some Republicans inch toward climate policy for the first time in years, those in the party who reject climate science are getting nervous that a more permanent shift is coming.

And they’re going on the attack against their former allies.

A group called Energy & Environment Action Team recently sent a 16-page pamphlet to every member of Congress encouraging lawmakers to reject all climate policy and connecting concern about global warming to political losses…

Steve Milloy, editor of and the author of the pamphlet, said it’s a signal to Republicans not to get out of line on climate policy. Democrats have united on the other side, he said, and the GOP should also do the same. He blamed Republican actions on climate change on young staffers who don’t yet understand the party’s position. Milloy said he plans to make sure other lawmakers don’t “drift” and warned he would extend his advocacy beyond pamphlets.

“People say all kinds of shit, and if they stop saying it, then OK, but if they persist, well, tougher action will be required,” he said. “Then it’s going to be ugly.”

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