by Chris White
Daily Caller

A parent of one of the children suing the U.S. government for not doing enough to confront climate change has a long criminal record connected to her attempts to derail energy projects.

Her legal history has flown under the radar as the litigation gains more media traction.

Jayden Foytlin is among 21 young people suing the U.S. federal government for not doing more to address global warming. Media reports discussing Jayden’s story have not fleshed out the role her mother, Cherri Foytlin, played in a growing anti-pipeline movement. Cherri has been arrested at least three times during direct action protests, according to copies of her arrest records obtained by The Daily Caller News Foundation…

People like Cherri are using their children as shields, Steve Milloy, an attorney and adjunct scholar at Competitive Enterprise Institute, told TheDCNF. His position effectively mirrors similar sentiments from conservatives who believe environmentalists are getting desperate to stop the production of fossil fuels.

“Foytlin is a case in point of an activist using her child as a human shield behind which she advances her intellectually and morally bankrupt political agenda,” said Milloy, a climate skeptic who holds shares in ExxonMobil. “Their science and economics is so bad that they gotta use kids.”

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