by Michael Bastasch
The Daily Caller

Republican lawmakers are demanding the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) inspector general’s office investigate alleged collusion between agency officials and lobbyists to undermine the Trump administration’s deregulatory agenda.

Four GOP lawmakers and the chair of a powerful House subcommittee want to know why EPA officials worked with trucking lobbyists on a study that was never approved by administration officials, yet obtained and touted by opponents of repealing regulations on refurbished heavy-duty truck engines…

The letter comes after TheDCNF reported on emails obtained by former Trump transition team member Steve Milloy showing high-level officials at EPA’s vehicle testing lab were working with lobbyists with Volvo Group North America on a study that’s been used to undermine deregulating the glider industry.

“The emails show that Volvo lobbyists were working to supplying EPA staff with glider trucks so that rogue EPA staff could dishonestly ‘test’ glider emissions and issue a damning report that could be waved about at a public hearing on the proposed rule rollback,” Milloy said.

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