by Michael Bastasch
Daily Caller

Newly unearthed emails suggest an even deeper level of collusion between Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) career staff and lobbyists to keep an Obama-era regulation in place.

It’s only the latest development in the Trump administration’s battle to finalize a repeal of Obama-era regulations slapped on a small section of the trucking industry. Emails suggest EPA officials were working with lobbyists opposed to deregulation even longer than previously thought.

A lobbyist for Volvo Group North America suggested EPA officials test the performance of glider kits — trucks with refurbished engines built into new chasses — that was later held up by opponents of deregulation, according to emails obtained by former Trump transition team official Steve Milloy. Glider kits compete with new trucks manufactured by Volvo.

“New e-mails obtained via FOIA indicate origin of the rigged testing idea,” Milloy wrote on his blog “It’s great to be able to just dial-up the government and have it destroy your competitor, isn’t it?”

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