by Kevin Daley
The Daily Caller

A House panel approved legislation Wednesday that ends a judicial doctrine the Obama administration regularly relies upon when promulgating new rules and regulations.

The Separation of Powers Restoration Act (SOPRA) repeals the Chevron doctrine, which requires that courts defer to a federal agency’s interpretation of the law unless their interpretation is “unreasonable.” Instead, the bill provides that a court should conduct a review of “all relevant questions of law, including the interpretation of constitutional and statutory provisions and rules” when evaluating federal rules and regulations…

Chris Horner, an attorney at the Energy and Environment Legal Institute, says Chevron deference has long abetted activist bureaucrats of all stripes in pursuing ideological agendas.

“Chevron has provided cover for ideological and/or political hacks, including those who never received – and many who could not receive – Senate approval, giving them the benefit of the doubt as ‘agency experts’ despite behaving as nothing more than ideological or political hacks given the keys to the policy kingdom,” he told theDCNF.

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