by Michael Bastasch
The Daily Caller

A regulation to strictly limit the sale of refurbished truck engines was effectively repealed on Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Administrator Scott Pruitt’s final day in office.

Pruitt’s last day at the agency was Friday, but that same day, EPA shifted its policy towards glider kits, which are trucks with refurbished engines. EPA would not enforce limits on glider kit sales until December 2019. Pruitt announced his resignation on Thursday amid a slew of ethics investigations.

EPA officials told The New York Times “that, through the end of 2019, the EPA will not enforce an annual cap of 300 gliders per manufacturer that had been imposed in January.” The change comes as EPA prepares to finalize its repeal of regulations on glider sales…

Anti-glider forces engaged in a lobbying campaign to convince Republican lawmakers to oppose repealing regulations. Emails obtained by publisher Steve Milloy suggest Volvo lobbyists colluded with senior career EPA officials on a study touted by glider opponents…

Volvo lobbyist Susan Alt somehow obtained a copy of the research findings, which she touted during a December 2017 public hearing on EPA’s proposal to repeal regulations on glider kits.

“The emails show that Volvo lobbyists were working to supplying EPA staff with glider trucks so that rogue EPA staff could dishonestly ‘test’ glider emissions and issue a damning report that could be waved about at a public hearing on the proposed rule rollback,” Milloy said of the emails he uncovered.

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