by Jason Hopkins
The Daily Caller

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) determined that staffers did not break protocol regarding a contentious study on glider vehicles, but critics are trashing the audit.

While EPA employees failed to “fully adhere to its delegation of authority,” they ultimately complied with the agency’s standard practices when conducting glider vehicle tests in 2017, according to a report released by the EPA’s Office of Inspector General in late July. The report went on to determine that staffers did not act unethically regarding its correspondence with lobbyists, nor did it maliciously delete emails…

“The purpose, of course, was to embarrass and intimidate the Trump EPA into aborting the rollback of the Obama EPA rule,” Steve Milloy, publisher of, told the Daily Caller News Foundation in June 2018, when lawmakers questioned the legitimacy of the study.

Milloy was the first one to raise ethics questions on the EPA study. Through a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request, he was able to obtain emails between Volvo Group North America lobbyists, who oppose the repeal, and high-ranking agency officials in Ann Arbor, Michigan, the location of the EPA’s emission testing laboratory.

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