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Nixing the Paris climate pact
by Chris Horner, Senior Legal Fellow, as appearing in the Washington Times

Recent media reports suggest a conflict within the Trump White House over whether to keep the president’s campaign promise “to cancel the Paris Climate Agreement,” the successor to the rejected Kyoto Protocol. President Trump also promised to roll Barack Obama’s controversial and harmful climate agenda back, yet the Paris agreement, signed in September 2016 just before the presidential election, is the capstone of that agenda, committing us to keep the agenda in place, and forever tighten it.

Oil And Climate Alarmism Don’t Mix for Shareholders
by Steve Milloy, Senior Policy Fellow, as appearing in Investor’s Business Daily

Which is the greater threat to oil and gas industry shareholders — anti-fossil fuel activists dressed in shareholders’ clothing or oil and gas industry corporate management? It’s a question that Exxon Mobil shareholders now have the opportunity to ponder before the oil giant’s May 31 annual shareholder meeting.

‘Au Revoir’ Paris Climate Change Treaty!
by Katie Grimes, Senior Media Fellow, as appearing in the Canada Free Press

With President Donald Trump reportedly pulling the United States out of the Paris climate accord, heads must be exploding in California’s Democratic supermajority State Capitol. However, Trump’s decision fulfills a very important campaign promise he made to “cancel” the accord.

E&E Legal Forced to Sue State Dept. for Paris Treaty Records
by Craig Richardson, President

On May 16, E&E Legal filed a Motion for Summary Judgment with the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia over the State Department’s continuing, abusive withholding of correspondence about its orchestration of the Paris climate treaty. These withholdings also include emails with outside parties.

Records Show NY AG Keeps Some Very Infamous Company
by Matthew Hardin, FME Law Counsel

In the New York County Supreme Court in lower Manhattan, E&E Legal and several citizens groups recently discovered something remarkable: the New York Attorney General’s Office had corresponded with the scheduler for Tom Steyer, a democratic political donor, and Lee Wasserman, of the Rockefeller Family Fund, immediately prior to launching an unprecedented campaign to prosecute ExxonMobil for alleged heresy on the issue of global warming.

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