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Who’s In Charge Here?
by Greg Walcher, Senior Policy Fellow, as appearing in The Daily Sentinel

Restaurant owners may know that open-faced sandwiches are regulated by the federal Food and Drug Administration (FDA), part of the Department of Health and Human Services. But if a second piece of bread is added on top, it is regulated by the Department of Agriculture (USDA).

Trump Fuel Economy Proposal Puts Brakes on Obama’s All-Pain-No-Gain Global Warming Crusade
by Steve Milloy, Senior Policy Fellow, as appearing in

President Trump wants to get you into a new car of your choice for less money and sooner rather than later. To make that happen, his administration has just proposed to eliminate the pointless and expensive fuel economy standards for cars and light trucks issued by the Obama administration in 2012.

Steve Milloy doesn’t like ‘climate bedwetters’
by Scott Waldman, E&E News reporter

A federal judge has ruled that the government must consider reducing mining in America’s top coal-producing region, to fight climate change. Moreover, he ordered the Bureau of Land Management to work with the Sierra Club, Natural Resources Defense Council, and four other environmental industry groups, to write a new management plan for the region.

California Wildfires Caused By Radical Environmentalists, Not Climate Change
by Katy Grimes, Senior Media Fellow, as appearing in the Flash Report

The United States Forest Service was originally founded to protect forests from the ravages of fire to preserve it for future generations. That thinking was abandoned in favor of the flawed “no-use movement,” or the “rewilding” theory, which blames humans for the “degradation of our planet.” “Rewilding the land can repair damage we’ve caused and reconnect us to the natural world,” National Geographic claims.

E&E Legal Participates in Heartland’s Energy Conference

E&E Legal Senior Policy Fellows Steve Milloy and Greg Walcher, along with President Craig Richardson were three of the presenters at the Heartland Institute’s 2018 America First Energy Conference. The two-day event, held at the Hilton New Orleans Riverside, “outlined the advances for Energy Freedom we’ve seen come about under President Trump, and looked forward to the advances we’ll see in the years to come.”

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